Posted by: Sean | January 27, 2012

Scotland’s bid for independence explained

I liked this writeup explaining briefly and humourously the reasoning behind Scotland’s bid for independence.

(Nationalists are invited to comment or counter-post.)


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  1. Thanks Sean. Do you have a post about the tremendously negative economic consequences for Scotland? I have so far not found a good one

  2. Well that’s the debate, right? Will the economic consequences be (a) tremendously negative, (b) the opposite, or (c) basically zero. I don’t think anyone has made a definitive case for any of these (at least not that I know of).

  3. Oh Sean, you’re tempting me!

    Too busy to respond to the link at the moment, but in reply to yours and Toby’s comment – I don’t think there is a ‘definitive’ case made for (a), (b) or (c). Based on the only objective figures (Scottish share of UK tax base (yes this includes oil) ~ 9.4%, Scottish share of UK public expenditure ~ 9.3% (this includes money spent in England on Scotland’s behalf)), I think the answer is likely to be ‘(c) – basically zero’.

  4. [...] not directly answering Sean’s challenge in scotlands bid for independence explained that “Nationalists are invited to comment or counter-post” in that I am not dealing [...]

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